There seems to be an epidemic in The City of Toledo which consists of taking out and/or neglecting our city parks basketball courts. So many of our courts have gone for years with little to no updates, fresh lines, new asphalt, or upgraded backboards and rims. Others,  just taken out completely. Basketball poles chopped down like trees and taken away from their homes in the park and from so many athletes, young and old, who love the game. Ripping them away from our parks, our communities, our city, and our lives. Instead of tackling issues that basketball courts may attract, city officials seem to think the easiest solution is doing away with them, leaving the children to play basketball in the streets. Hope Through Hoops is an initiative set out to shed a light on the state of our basketball courts infrastructure and how desperately they're needed in our parks. HTHs' goal is not only to revive our basketball parks system, but to see them up to date and thriving and used as a safe outlet for all the athletes, young and old, in our city.


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