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Season Of Service 2017

Partnership with Jeep/FCA and the City Of Toledo

For 6 weeks, Impact Toledo, Inc. partnered with FCA/ Jeep with additional help from The City of Toledo, to restore and revitalize 18 neighborhood parks and the neighborhoods surrounding them. Thanks to 500+ volunteers from the Toledo Assembly Complex, we were able to restore Mackelwane, City (Savage), Wilson, Robinson, Landers, Edgar Holmes, Indiana, and Nelson Grace just to name a few. With help from The City of Toledo, we were able to spread 49 truckloads of playground grade mulch that the city produced and delivered. We are indeed grateful for uniting with The City and FCA/Jeep to pull off such an enormous task. The amount of positive feedback we have gotten from the community lets us know that our efforts weren't in vain. We look forward to a continued partnership with Jeep/ FCA and also forging new ones with other companies and organizations in the Toledo area. Teamwork makes the dream work and when we all come together amazing things can happen. We CAN do better in Toledo!


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